The Brand

The practice of using handcrafted precious oils has been appreciated for thousands of years. Our purpose at Call of the Valley is to continue delivering and to uphold this sensual experience with elegance, virtue, in luxury and sophistication. We pride on using the finest raw materials we can possibly source and being transparent with what we do. We have kept the equation simple, as we believe that people should easily identify and understand exactly what they are using, and to be able to explain this effortlessly to others. 

Call of the Valley is born out of a desire to reconnect city dwellers back to nature through the sensorial experience of wearing precious pure oils and fragrance oils. 

Our brand name carries the sentiment in what we visualise and craft. Call of the Valley reflects a momentary phenomena which circulates the atmosphere before it disappears from the present moment, leaving behind an everlasting impact on the beholder. 

The oils we have formulated respect the simplicity of mother nature, we have created a recipe that is easy to understand and explain to others. Our aim is to uphold the living, active properties of any ingredient provided to us from its source, refraining from additional or over embellishment. 

Core to the brand’s philosophy, we use our utmost diligence and care to preserve the integrity of natural resources and to adopt processes which keep the raw materials as pure and unadulterated as possible. 

What is coconut milk oil ?

Our Coconut milk oil is obtained by hand pressing fresh meat of the coconut before keeping the milk in jars at a low temperature for a few days, allowing the natural process of fermentation to create a separation of coconut water and coconut oil floating on top. 

Finally, coconut milk oil is carefully scooped out manually with a spoon, thus preserving all the fruit’s natural benefits and living properties. Many methods which are highly refined or use centrifugal machinery handle their coconuts very abrasively which typically destroys or oxidises the existing benefits of the oil. 

The coconut milk oil we subsequently use is of extremely high and unique quality, obtained through an arduously considered and handled process. You feel and smell the difference when you use our products – the fragrance is more mild by comparison and the texture and absorption into the skin is more cohesive, leaving behind a much lighter feel and natural trace on the hair and body. 

Our Products

Coconut Milk Oil 

By way of introduction, Coconut Milk Oil is the most pure and straightforward product we offer, which is the coconut milk oil obtained as it was from the fermented jar and directly transferred into our purposefully selected and designed packaging. Needless to say, this type of coconut milk oil is exclusive to our brand and is not currently found anywhere else on the market. 

Coconut Milk Oil  Orange/ Apricot

Our fragranced coconut oil is an enhanced experience for those who wise to indulge their senses into something more than the grace of touch on their skin, but also to stimulate their olfactory pleasures. 

Working with an Indian perfumer based between Paris and Mumbai, the fragrance has three simple ingredients blended together: top note of orange, mid note of apricot and base note of cedar wood all. 

The citrus in orange evokes freshness, whereas the sugar of apricot brings out a gourmande facet, and lastly the cedar wood grounds the overall experience into something more earthy and sensual, bringing altogether an uplifting, yet warm and somewhat addictively sweet, aromatic journey for our wearers. 

Argan Oil 

Our argan oil is sourced from south of Morocco, working with the first ever women co-operative for argan oil that was created and officially establised in 1999 by argan oil expert Zoubida Charrouf. The co- operative was founded on the interests of sustainably sourcing, fairly trading and respectfully handling and conserving argan trees and forests to extract organic argan oil without compromising on its quality and efficacy. The intention behind this project and their approach to sourcing the oil mirrors with the brand philosophy and approach to Call of the Valley, so we are very pleased to be using this oil in our products. 

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