Perfumed Coco Milk Oil 5ml

Orange / Apricot

Our fragranced coconut milk oil brings another level of experience for those who wish to indulge their senses into something more than the grace of touch, but also to stimulate their olfactory pleasures.

Working with a Indian perfumer living in Paris, the fragrance formula has been kept simple with a top note of orange, mid note of apricot and a base note of cedar wood. These ingredients work together to deliver a sensual yet uplifting scent and brings out the freshness and purity of our exclusive Coco Milk Oil.


Organic coco nucifera (coconut) oil, essential oils of orange, apricot and cedar wood.

A balance of uplifting citrus from the orange, woody cedar and sweet apricot marries a fragrance evoking freshness, earthy sensuality with an added touch of sweetness.
The overall experience brings together an uplifting, yet warm and somewhat addictively sweet, aromatic journey for our wearers

On face: apply to the temples as an aromatherapy treatment

On hair: to wear as a hair fragrance, apply lightly to ends of hair

On body: apply to pulse points along the neckline and wrists for a subtle touch. For the ultimate enveloping experience, apply all over as a body moisturiser and allow the scent to develop warmly and naturally with your body throughout the day.

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