Natural Candle Eden Fruits

Eden Fruits 155gr, burns for 24 hours

Our Eden Fruits candle takes inspiration from the idea of an Indian Eden garden, exuding an ambiance of tropical warmth and abundance.

Touching across a wide spectrum of botanical life, deep rooted Indian indigenous plants find balance and harmony with wild Indian herbs and flowers. Fragrant curry leaf and fresh lemongrass touch ground with the sparkly notes of davana artemesia, with herbaceous Indian marigold dancing across the top of this grounded yet fresh scent.

Fruity and warm, flowery yet sweet, Eden Fruits is a bountiful, lush, tropical garden that takes you to another India you cannot have quite imagined.


Soy wax, Bee wax, natural fragrance (curry leaf essential oil, davana essential oil, Tagetes minuta essential oil, lemon grass essential oil, benzyl acetate natural isolate, gamma octalactone natural, gamma undecalactone natural),

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