Pure Argan Oil 5 ml


Sourced from south of Morocco, our pure argan oil is sustainably sourced and consciously handled, using practices which conserves the argan trees and forests to extract pure organic argan oil without compromising on its quality and efficacy.

Our argan oil is extremely nutrient-rich with high levels vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This nourishing and luxurious formula has a surprisingly lightweight finish on the skin, and is equally beneficial and suitable to use on the face, body and hair.


Organic argan oil

Slight nutty or seedy scent

On face: apply directly onto the skin; can be used in substitute of your daily moisturiser. For extremely dry skin, use in addition to your daily moisturiser.

On hair: suitable for treating split ends, apply lightly to ends of hair. As a hair and scalp treatment, massage directly into the scalp and allow the argan oil to disperse through to the hair ends.

On body: for the ultimate indulgence, apply all over as a body moisturiser.

Suitable for all skin and hair types

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