Pure Avocado Oil 50ml


Sourced from an organic farm in Crete.The perfect oil for under eyes and eyes countour.
Special beauty care for fragile and delicate skins.
Our highly nourishing pulp avocado oil contains numerous nutrients and elements whose properties help prevent oxidation. Its virgin oil is reputed to mollify and protect fragile or delicate skin, and to soothe mature skin. Worked into the hair before shampooing, it brings extra shine and vigor.


Organic avocado pulp oil

Slight green and fresh scent



On face: apply directly onto the skin; can be used in substitute of your daily moisturiser.

On hair: suitable for treating split ends, apply lightly to ends of hair.

On body: for the ultimate indulgence, apply all over after mixing the oil with water in your palms.

Suitable for all skin and hair types

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