Our Journey

The practice of using handcrafted precious oils has been appreciated for thousands of years. Our purpose at Call of the Valley is to continue delivering and to uphold this sensual experience with elegance, virtue, in luxury and sophistication.

Call of the Valley is born out of a desire to reconnect city dwellers back to nature through the sensorial experience of wearing precious oils and fragrance oils. Our brand name Call of the Valley carries the sentiment in what we visualise and craft: it reflects a momentary phenomena which circulates the atmosphere before it disappears from the present moment, leaving behind a trace and an everlasting impact on the beholder. Core to the brand’s philosophy, we use our utmost diligence and care to preserve the integrity of natural resources and to adopt processes which keep the raw materials as pure and unadulterated as possible. We pride on using the finest raw materials we can possibly source and being transparent with what we do.

The oils we have formulated respect the simplicity of mother nature, we have created a recipe that is easy to understand and explain to others.
Our aim is to uphold the living, active properties of any ingredient provided to us from its source, refraining from additional or over embellishment.
By keeping the equation simple, people can easily identify and understand exactly what they are using on their skin and bodies, and to be able to explain this effortlessly to others.


Our Perfume Oils

At Call of the Valley, our vision for perfumery is more subtle and discreet.
Conventional perspectives for fragrance concentrate on making an external impact, whereas for us, we invite an inward experience that is personal and intimate for the wearer and those closest to them. We have chosen cotton seed oil as the main carrier oil because of its light texture and neutral odour. By avoiding all use of chemicals as well as alcohol, we hope to uphold our natural philosophy in its entirety and inspire a fresh perspective and appreciation for natural fragrance and how to wear it.

Each of our perfume oils are brought to you through a patient process of co-distillation of the main ingredient with sandalwood. By extracting the essential oils simultaneously, we are creating a fragrance where the notes are “born” together to make the blend. Alchemically, this differs to methods of simply blending or chemically mixing ingredients together and involves working with a natural wood fire; just the extraction of essential oils takes days or even weeks to complete. Granted, this is truly an extraordinary way to create natural perfumery which is no longer common practice or skill, even in the world of artisans.

We not only take pride in the quality of the raw materials we source, but also the families or communities we choose to work with who support our brand ethos in honouring artisanal methods. Everything has been sourced, extracted and handled with great care, respect and each part of the process is diligently executed to uphold the natural integrity of the ingredients and our resulting products. With our fragrance oils, this is no exception where we have worked with perfumers´ families in the North of India with a combined commitment for craft and natural perfumery that go beyond usual methods.


Frangipani carries its scent in the evening as a sweet, heady floral reminiscent of the tropics and evoking a sense of depth, creaminess and warmth.
Often likened to gardenia or jasmine, it also has nuances of creamy fruits such as coconut.
The flower itself is regarded as a symbol of immortality in India and widely revered as sacred in Asia; it is frequently seen to be planted in gardens of temples.


As its name would suggest, fruity and spicy undertones of ginger sit core in the scent profile of this flower which is native to India in the regions of Sikkim and the Himalayas. Notably intense, rich and considerably complex floral note, it is said that white ginger lily also invites a hypnotic quality and an intoxicating aroma alongside hints of cinnamon and honey.


As a single ingredient fragrance oil, this is our honorary tribute to the raw material, bringing you a rare opportunity to fully appreciate sandalwood in its own right.
The complexity of bitter yet sweet, soft and creamy notes emanating from this sacred wood invites a warm, heightening experience of true godliness…


A tantalising fougere capturing the freshness of henna leaves alongside
the warmth of sandalwood.
Allow the fragrance to evolve with your body heat and bring forth a hint of sweetness through the gentle aromatic profile. Reminiscent of morning dew evaporating with the heat of the rising sun.


Our Precious Oils


Experience our signature oil in its purest form, bearing no additional fragrance or ingredients.
Sourced exclusively for Call of the Valley, the extraction process is
extremely gentle and our Coco Milk Oil is obtained and managed by
hand from start to finish.
Our coconuts have not been subjected to high heat or the use of any machinery, thus preserving all the living properties and benefits of the coconut, leaving us a product that is extremely high in vitamins A and E
and is 100% organic.
This gentle method brings us a lightweight formula which absorbs easily
and is suited for the face, hair and body.



Sourced from south of Morocco, our argan oil is sustainably sourced and consciously handled, using practices which conserves the argan trees and forests to extract organic argan oil without compromising on its quality and efficacy.
Our argan oil is extremely nutrient-rich with high levels vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This nourishing and luxurious formula has a surprisingly lightweight finish on the skin, and is equally beneficial and suitable to use on the face, body and hair.


Sourced from an organic farm in Crete. The perfect oil for under eyes and eye contour areas. Known to restore a youthful complexion as it is naturally high in fatty acids which also promote the process of collagen synthesis. Combined with natural traces of copper present in the oil, avocado oil is ideal for reviving skin to its former glory.


Moringa has been considered a ‘miracle tree’ for centuries due to the unique complexion of oleic acid. Moringa is helpful in protecting skin cells from damage and contains hydrating and detoxifying elements which boost skin and hair. Moringa is a highly moisturizing oil especially adapted to benefit dry and sensitive skin.

Orange & Apricot

An olfactory embellishment to our signature Coco Milk Oil for those who want to experience an extra layer of indulgence and add to their oil experience.
The fragrance formula has been kept simple with a top note of orange, mid note of apricot and a base note of cedar wood. These ingredients work together to deliver
a sensual yet uplifting scent and brings
out the freshness and purity of our
exclusive Coco Milk Oil.

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