Our Perfume Oils

Our perfume oils encapsulate individuals into their own sensorial journey and are designed to give pleasure on a more one-to-one level. Applied directly onto the skin with the roll-on applicator, the wearer is cocooned into their own olfactory bubble and released into ecstasy in that present moment. Each of our perfume oils is completely natural.

Our Precious Oils

Each and every one of our precious oils are taken as they are found in nature, nothing extra is added or taken away. We try our best to uphold all the benefits and goodness of every raw ingredient, respecting the natural, inherent properties so that each oil can be fully enjoyed on the skin, body and hair.

Our Mini Oils

Designed for carrying in your bag, these mini versions of our full-sized products are perfect companions to take around with you or for trialling an entire range. They also make an ideal travel set for weekend or overnight trips.

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